Ashobol tablets are given to control the excessive bleeding. It can be     used as an adjuvant in the cases of specific leucorrhoea and excessive     bleeding with organic causes. In non-specific leucorrhoea and     excessive bleeding tendency during menstruation, Ashobol tablets can     be given as primary treatment. Ashobol acts as an antiseptic to avoid     infection. Ashobol tablets may be combined with Ashonil syrup when     patient suffers from excessive bleeding along with spasmodic pain or     white discharge with irritability.

    1. Primary treatment in non-specific leucorrhoea and menorrhagia.
    2. Adjuvant in specific leucorrhoea and menorrhea with organic causes

    Consult your physician to prescribe the dosage.

    Regular use of Ashobol tablet as a tonic is not recommended

    A bottle of 36 Tablets.