ASHONIL syrup is a very safe uterine tonic which has no side effects. It     rejuvenates giving strength to the body and mind. It reduces the mental     tension and feeling of anxiety during premenstrual phase     and menopausal syndrome. Ashonil has diuretic action and removes     toxins from the blood, thus relieving the congestion in the pelvic region     and improving the vaginal flora to prevent infection. Ashonil prevents     anaemia due to excessive bleeding since it has natural form of iron.     Ashonil promotes intellect,elevates mood and calms down nervous     irritability. Thus Ashonil takes care of the mental conditions of the     female patients during the stages of physical sufferings.

    1. Dysmenorrhoea
    2. Menopausal syndrome
    3. As an adjuvant in leucorrhoea and menorrhagia

    Consult your physician to prescribe the dosage.

    In 200ml Packing