Galactone is a galactagogue. Galactone Granules ensures adequate     lactation by improving quality of milk and giving additional nourishment     to the mother and child. Galactone Granules eliminates the need for     Formula Feed.

    INDICATIONS - Inadequate prophylactic to prevent lactation failure     problems and post delivery asnourishment

    DOSAGE - Consult your physician to prescribe the dosage.

    PRESENATATION - In a jar of 300gms

                                The Potent Natural Galactagogue

    It is necessary to appreciate that the process of secretion of milk has to     be associated with very effective passage of milk release from the cells.     Moreover, this requires proper blood supply & blood drainage which is     achieved by Galactone forte. Galactone Forte Tablets is fortified and     improves the quantity and quality of motherís milk in lactation failure.     It also acts as dietary health supplement for mother and child both.

    INDICATIONS - In all conditions of Lactation Failure.

    DOSAGE - Consult your physician to prescribe the dosage

    PRESENTATION - In a bottle of 36 Tablets.